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Grab your subscriber's attention with personalized emails sent at the right time.

Automated and personalized newsletter messaging made easy

NewsletterKit is a marketing tool built for newsletter publishers. It helps you engage your readers, retain subscribers and convert free subscribers to paid using automatic email sequences without any technical skills required.

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Take your newsletter to the next level

NewsletterKit works with your favorite newsletter software out of the box

Hooking up your newsletter to automation platforms is not always easy and sometimes require technical know-how when there are limitations imposed by those platforms. NewsletterKit is tightly integrated with your newsletter software and is updated to take advantages of its new features. We take care of the technical stuff you focus and writing and offering value to your subscribers.

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Create workflows for any event

Our workflow editor makes easy to create automated email sequences that run when certain events occur. For example welcome new subscribers, unsubscribes, conversion from free to paid subscribers, etc and we are constantly adding new events to make it easier for you to stay on top of things.

New subscriber
Unsubscribe event
Subscriber switched to paid
Subscriber canceled subscription
Free trial about to expire (coming soon)

Add context to your emails for the perfect message

Give your emails a personal touch and bring them to life by adding relevant data such as subscriber's name, subscription information, email address and links, images and more. NewsletterKit exposes all the data provided by your newsletter software to embed in your emails

Subscriber's name
Subscriber's email
Subscription info
Cancellation date
Reason for canceling
Recent posts (coming soon)
Conditional blocks (coming soon)
Layouts and templates (coming soon)

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